High Speed Managed WordPress Website Hosting

For Existing Showcase IDX Customer Websites

Why say no to managed hosting?

Often times we see agents using low-cost shared hosting plans for their Showcase IDX websites, and they are seeing very slow website load times. There are many key factors when it comes to slow website performance, but shared hosting is often the main culprit.

Sharing server resource with other customers/websites can make your website slower and it is not a very scalable option as your business grows.

Don’t push potential clients away because of a slow website.

How we help speed up your website

We give each website its own dedicated virtual resources in the cloud. This not only allows your website to load faster, but also allows for greater scalability when you need it the most.

We only host WordPress websites, which allows us to optimize every server to make your website fly. Things like Object Caching, server side Page Caching, and image compression/optimization are all included with every plan. No more paying extra money for additional Cache plugins.

We transfer your site for you!

We understand agents have busy schedules, so we do our best to make the process as easy as possible. Let us take care of the website transfer, DNS changes, and website optimization so that you can focus on your clients.

After the transfer, we do some optimization and cleanup to make sure your website gets a running start. If you need design help, we will be happy to discuss that as well.

Radiant Hosting has done a lot of research into many types of IDX systems and we think we have found the one our customers will love. We are a proud partner of Showcase IDX.

From the advanced search functionality to the seamless integration, we strongly believe this is the go to IDX system.

Showcase Idx Partner

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